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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the module I started?

Yes, it is possible to change the module but this will result in the loss of the progress you made. You will have to start the educational content again (starting with the first unit). 

I am not sure which track is suitable for the requirements of the research I’m working on?

This learning portal presents the primary  principles of scientific research ethics and a set of relevant rules in all tracks. Each track features study cases suitable for specific needs:
●    Track 1: for general viewing and quick browsing. It is the printable version.
●    Track 2: designed for members of ethical review committees.
●    Track 3: designed for studies including gathering data from people lacking legal capacity.
●    Track 4: designed for studies including gathering data on people lacking legal capacity.
●    Track 5: designed for studies including gathering data from people with legal capacity.
●    Track 6: designed for studies including gathering data on people with legal capacity.
●    Track 7: designed for studies not including human interaction. 

Can I complete more than one track? 

Yes. You can start and complete any track and receive a certificate. After which you can change the answers on the questionnaire and start and complete another track to receive another certificate. You can complete any number of tracks, as long as you start and finish each of them. 

Can I obtain a certificate for two module or more?

Starting and completing any track qualifies you for certification. In the case you complete the tutorial for two tracks, you can receive two separate certificates proving completion. The completion date of each track appears on the certificate issued after completion. If the goal is to take an intensive learning tutorial, it is preferable to select the second track designed for ethical review committee members.

Can I change the name on the certificate?

It is possible to change the names listed in your user’s file as long as the certificate is not issued. After the certificate is issued, the name that was originally entered has to be modified and then go to obtain the certificate. 

Can I receive the certificate in more than one language?

It is possible to select the language required for the certificate from the settings window. At the moment, you can only download the certificate in English and Arabic. 

Can the certificate be sent to an institution?

Yes, it is possible to send the certificate to one of the institutions listed in the portal. If you wish to send it to an unlisted institution, please contact the institution to list it on the portal.

Can the certificate be issued more than once?

You can return at any time to the certificate page to issue it again.

How can I verify the meanings of the terms used in the portal?

Due to the absence of a certified translation and the multiplicity of translations used to describe one term, the portal provides a glossary of terms in both Arabic and English. See it here.

How much time is required to finish the learning content and obtain the certificate?

It depends on the selected track and dedicated effort. The time required varies from one person to another, depending on the person’s knowledge of the topic, time and track. Please see the details of modules and tracks page.

Can I complete the learning process at regular intervals? 

Yes, the learning portal is designed in a way that allows the user to complete it at regular intervals as it saves progress automatically.